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I purchased the upgrade kit and Spooky boost v2.0, but I noticed the upgrade kit is for the remote v1.0. I only have Spooky remote v1.1. Is there a way I can use upgrade kit also with the Spooky boost v2.0?

One way you can make use of the upgrade kit, is if down the line you add another generator or need another remote to your existing setup.

On your next order, instead of ordering another remote v1.1 to go with a new generator, you can order the remote v1.0 and use the upgrade kit to make it a v1.1


The remote v1.0 + the upgrade kit is the same price as a v1.1 where the magnet is already installed. Unfortunately, with your current remote being already a v1.1, and with no spare remote v1.0 laying around, the upgrade kit is essentially extra supplies at this time.

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