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Plasma tube does not light, how do I check whether it is the tube or machine problem?

Before you try all the methods below, please make sure you have tried all the diagnosis steps from this page:

If it does not work, please try below:
1. If you already have a voltage test pen, you can use the pen to know whether it is due to faulty tube, or incorrect settings, a faulty plug, or component failure.

Here is the instruction to use the test pen:

2. Search for "1604000" in the database. Run this frequency using the JW - Spooky Central preset but set Out 2 = Out 1 x 0 + 2000 Hz. Tune an AM radio to 1604000 Hz and hold it near the high voltage wires of the tube. You should hear a strong tone from the radio.

3. There is an easy way, when you run the program, can you hear the transformer whining?

4. Another way is, if you run a frequency of 2000 Hz with the Spooky Central Low Frequencies Preset you may be able to hear a high-pitched tone from the rear of Spooky Central. This would indicate that the tube may be at fault. Have you tried other non-shell Presets, like the Spooky Central Overnight Sweeps?

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