Keep getting "Data Error" that comes up every few seconds so my biofeedback scan stalls for a few seconds then continues and stalls again and the permanently stalls, can someone tell me whats wrong?

Spooky Biofeedback determines the body’s response to applied frequencies. At times these frequencies interfere with the sensitive electronics built into Spooky Pulse. Spooky can filter out most of the unwanted signals, but occasionally there are too many to filter out, and an error message is reported.

Data is regarded as erroneous if the HRV is greater than 20 between 2 heartbeats. If the error message is reported Spooky will disregard the data but will automatically recover on the next heartbeat.

We recommend all to fully relax when using Spooky pulse for biofeedback scan. A quiet room with a bed is needed.

Also sometimes finger clip gets better result than ear clips.

You may consider running the biofeedback from a narrower frequency range. Here is some info you may find useful for setting the frequency range: Moulds and mycotoxins 75–215KHz
Bacteria and most viruses 275–450KHz
Protozoa, roundworm, and flatworm 325– 480KHz
Warts 400–475KHz; tapeworms 425–515KHz
Mites 675-880KHz

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