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If running a Spectrum sweep will there be limitations on the maximum WCM values that will be used with the plasma portion of Spooky2 Central?

We have run many spectrum sweeps in Spooky2 Central. We found that the amplitude of each spectrum frequency is high. Most digital spectrum analyzers do not pick up the frequencies since they use a bin sampling method but the waveform wavelengths conform exactly to the set parameters of the Spectrum. Having said all this, we have noticed (for our tests anyway) that a low wave cycle multiplier seems most beneficial for rapid results to be seen. The BXBY waveform, which is actually a custom Spectrum with a wave cycle multiplier of 2 has particularly strong signal at both frequencies since the WCM is 2. Most plasma Rife machines waste power at the carrier frequency. Only 2% of the total power to the plasma tube hits the target when using their recommended settings for cancer. Though our unit is only 40 watts, it does apply a true 40 watts at the target frequency.

We have tried not to compare our unit to any other commercial device, but many people seem to think more watts is better. Much as you asked the effective distance of our tube. Royal Rife and subsequent doctors touched his patients with his phanotron tube whilst treating them. His machine sent around 45 watts to the tube. We have modeled our machine around his.

Source: Spooky Central Q&A

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