Can Spooky2 help with kidney disease?

1. My aunt has iga nephropathy (kidney disease) Her GFR level 23. If it drops to 20 doctor said she would need dialysis. She was extremely exhausted and ready to give up. And I treated her with Spooky2 plasma seven times and she is a new woman with lots of energy. She can’t wait to go get her GFR levels checked. I am excited too. She told me I had done more for her than her doctors have in 20 years. Thank You Spooky!

2. I have stage 3b kidney disease and purchased a GenX Pro to specifically address this problem. I have been running Kidney Balance and Correction on remote since early July along with Detox Maintenance on the second remote. Blood work on 8/30/21 revealed that my BUN decreased from 38 to 35, my creatinine decreased 1.52 to 1.46, and my eGFR went from 45 to 48. Doctor was pleased

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