I had a patient recover from bladder cancer using a rife machine and high dose vitamin C infusions. I am looking for a rife machine and am curious why each of you chose Spooky2 Rife.

Let's look what our customers said:

1. I did my research and found this to be the best one on the market. Compassionate owners who are not greedy who want the best for all mankind. I have had Lyme in the past and was losing the ability to walk. I bought the best they had and am now symptom free. I use on my family, pets, friends and myself. Too many successes to list but will never get rid of my rig as this is the future of medicine. I want control of my health choices without big pharma.

2. Spooky2 offers continually updated software that is free to download, mix and match hardware based on what delivery system you want (plasma, contact, remote), factory support staff, multiple venues for community support ('official' Spooky2 discussion Forum or a choice of FaceBook Groups).

Spooky2 has such a large user base that there are healthcare practitioners who are 'rife literate' (might even own their own Spooky2 😉 ) and can provide complementary healthcare. As far as I know, there is not a database of these practitioners but you could ask around in your own community or get referrals from other Spooky Users.
Spooky2 requires a Microsoft PC to run the software that controls the frequency generators. It also has a learning curve because the system is so versatile. You have to be willing to read the manual and probably hang out here for beginner info unless you are pretty familiar with this modality and computer savvy. Its not 'push and play'.
One of the biggest advantages is that Spooky2 holds its value and can be re-sold. People are always looking for good used Spooky2 equipment.
I started out with a different subtle energy type of equipment and I started looking into Rife because it had a larger community than what I was working with. So, I've been around since before the 'birth' of Spooky2. Amazing people came together to create this system and even more amazing people quickly formed a community of help, hope, and support. Spooky people help other Spooky people just to give back or pay it forward. I haven't seen anything like this in the 15 years I've been part of different rife groups.

3. I listened to an interview with John White and was impressed with his approach and ethos. Upgrades are free, support is excellent and the Spooky2 FB community is very supportive.

4. It was on my wish list for xmas one year, and my wife kindly bought me a generator. Also it was the only one within our financial means. I got it as I saw Convid as the beginning of an escalation of the war on mankind, so wanted to have more means to handle health issues myselt.

For more details, please go to this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/posts/2545583985603489/


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