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How can you clear and balance all meridians?

I'd start with the Meridian Clock, but do not play around with the start time. The MC works on specific organs at specific times. If you begin at the wrong time, it throws everything out and you're likely to feel pretty awful.
It runs for 24 hours, beginning at 7am with the stomach.
Here's the software's path:
Presets > Miscellaneous > Remote > Meridian Clock
Make sure you read the side notes before you begin.
It's a ready-made preset that is automatically scheduled to start at 7 am (according to the time on your computer). You simply select it, then move directly to the Control tab to load it. You can click start at any time, and so long as you haven't messed around in the Settings tab and changed the scheduled start time, it will begin automatically at 7am. In the meantime, your generator icon will be yellow, indicating the preset is paused.
For more information, please check this link:
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