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How should we tape our DNA samples in Remote?

There are all manners of opinion on this, and pros and cons to each argument.
However, I will point out some major considerations that I believe to be the most important to consider when weighing whether you use tape or not.
1. Keeping things wrapped up allows you to label, and labels allow you to keep track of whose sample and from when it was obtained. No paper tape, no way to really keep your samples organized.
2. Not using paper tape allows traces of DNA to be left inside the remote and then when you need to isolate someone, or a group of people in the remote, you are not able to. If it is your DNA in there, you will always be part of the session until it either degrades or you find a way to clean it out sufficiently.
As for bacteria in the remote, there is no evidence that a single bacterium is quantumly entangled with all bacteria of the same type. If this were the case, we'd have rid ourselves of many things long ago.

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