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Do I need to change any settings for Plasma or use default setting?

Here's a way to keep this simple: Use plasma with the plasma shell preset. I usually use the advanced, as it works for both - killing and healing. Don't change settings unless you know what you are doing! Contact that's attached to your Spooky2 Central unit doesn't have the same function as contact as a separate treatment connected to a generator. It just adds an impulse that improves the efficiency of your plasma.
If you use contact as a stand-alone, it can be that some of the frequencies "bite", meaning you feel tiny shocks. The easiest way to remedy this is to use a different output on your boost: the colloidal silver output, which is the second from the right in the upper row. alternatively, you can also lower the Amplitude, as suggested. But try the colloidal silver output first. I almost always use this as I am very sensitive to frequencies.
As Kristin said: Don't change anything with plasma unless you know what you are doing! It can hurt your unit. Spooky2 is very powerful, which is why many people believe that it is more complicated than other systems. But the truth is that it can simply do more than other systems and thus there is more to learn if we want to apply those techniques. Hope this helps for starters.

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