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What is the difference between BPM and HRV by the scan results?

When we scan for Max BPM, we are only finding frequencies that elicit a maximum stress event. Therefore, all results will be of a killing modality.
When we scan for Min BPM, we are only finding frequencies that elicit a calming event, therefore of a healing modality.
When we scan using Max HRV, we are finding frequencies that elicit the maximum stress or calming event, as this is an absolute function. This means all frequency hits returns can be for either modality, and there is no way to know for which.
When we scan using Min HRV, we are looking for frequencies that elicit the least change to our body. Again, this is an absolute function -- can find both types of frequencies. Where this may be useful is if you are looking for frequencies for instance that help maintain a steady state during meditation.

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