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How can you check if TENS cable is working?

I test my cables often because I use them while I sleep and I've broken a number of them:

  1. Load the following Shell Preset: Killing (C) - JW
  2. Add the following programs which are low frequency: Abdominal Cramps
  3. Apply TENS pads to your thigh next to each other, and connect the cable
  4. Press Start BUT BE READY to pull the cable out of one of the Tens pads

The amplitude will slowly ramp up, and if you can feel it you know the cable is working. Quickly disconnect the cable from one of the TENS pads if the feeling is too much for you!
If you don't feel anything then take the tick away for "Reduce Amplitude" on the settings page and overwrite your generator again.

If you still don't feel anything then your cable is broken.

For more details, please check the link:

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