I was trying the handles for contact mode. I was trying to treat a verruca on my foot when the machine went through one frequency it was like I had a strong electric shock which made it difficult to hold on.

1. Low frequencies - like 7 or 8 htz - can cause this. The frequency causing shocks may have resonated in some way with your system. So, the answer is no, not necessarily. However, I personally find that I have a lot of shocks with certain detox treatments and, as they clear, the shocks diminish

2. It is possible that users are sensitive to specific frequencies until they heal some. You may or may not get the same reaction when using the same program later..

3. When I first started I would those pinlike shocks yhst would make me jump from the remote. Now it is rare. My husband who was on same frequency as me NEVER has that. Different for everyone.

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