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How to use biofeedback information?

If you are biofeedback scanning in order to use reverse lookup, and then use the programs that show up in the reverse lookup, then you are doing it all wrong. Completely wrong. That is not the purpose of biofeedback scanning.

Originally biofeedback scanning had no reverse lookup at all. The system is designed not as a diagnostic system but as a prescription system. Remember a diagnosis exists only so that a doctor can look it up in his drug directory to see what drugs are available for this condition. That’s the only reason for a diagnosis. Spooky 2 skips this step entirely and gives you the prescription in the form of the found frequencies.

The way you do biofeedback scanning correctly is to use the found frequencies. The reverse lookup is really, only for information to… If you search for say 10 hits and all 10 of them in a reverse lookup are pointing at the same disease then that’s a fairly good indication that you’ve got a problem. But if 2 or 3 of them have one disease in common, this means nothing.

Some frequencies are designed to do things like damage cell walls of multiple pathogens, or perhaps to destroy cell receptors on multiple pathogens so if you’ve got just one of those pathogens in your body that has that cell wall or those receptors, all of them will show up in your reverse look up because most programs for pathogens will actually feature those frequencies. And that’s the only reason all of those long lists are found in a reverse look up particularly if you search for octaves as well.

Use the found frequencies to treat. Use the reverse lookup to seek patterns. That’s all it’s good for.

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