I have recently read that the Schumann rate is now substantially above the 7 something we have in our database. Now they say it is closer to 30. Is there any truth to this and has the database been changed to reflect it?

1. An internet search indicates that many pundits believe the Schumann has been increasing over the last 5-8 years. This was discussed on here a couple of months ago. Jeff Kaczor very cogently argued that it is not increasing and that the Schumann wavelength shows numerous spikes and troughs, and it depends on your reading/interpretation. I believe personally that there is something in this increase - and all the more reason we need 7.8 Hertz to keep us grounded and healthy.

2. You can use the "Create Program" under the File menu in Spooky software to make any program you desire. Once the program is entered, you can use a Shell Preset to run it.

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