Duration time of the remote detox terrain preset far exceeds Estimated Run Time.  I am not sure if I need to reset anything or just let it keep going?

It's working as expected. It should run for 24 hrs and then it will move onto the next preset in the chain. Settings for Programs & Chains of Programs: Normally a program will run for the set amount of time as defined by the frequency sets which are choosen; however, there are some additional settings that can be used. On the Programs tab there are: Repeat Sequence = 0 (means all of the frequency sets in the program will continue to loop forever) Repeat Chain = 0 (means all of the programs in the chain of programs will continue to loop forever) and, On the Settings page: In the schedule area, there is a Run for 24 (or however long) Hours which will stop the looping after that time. Its explained further in the manual, and reading /re-reading the manual it will gradually start to make more sense; also, if you click on Terrain-Mercury (R) -BY on the preset tab it says in the notes area on the right-hand-side that the Terrain protocol with remote runs for 11 days through the protocol and then it will repeat (preset 8 in the protocol (chain) is one of the ones that goes for 24 hrs).

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