Anybody ever try the Molecular Weight database substance frequencies such as Diazepam?

1. From the User Guide - pg. 128... The MW database contains the molecular weight of many different compounds, elements, and important molecules.

These are rather new to the Spooky world, so there are still many unanswered questions. They are provided to allow users a chance to experiment with these... If searching through this group for "molecular", you'll find several threads with comments to read through to gain more information.

You realize that everything is made up of frequencies... Electrons spinning around the nucleus of the element or molecule, etc... As such, all substances interact within the body in specific ways, and while there are probably some physical interactions, the frequency has a tremendous influence on the outcome. A remote puts those frequencies into the cells, so the frequencies start interacting within the cell without any side-effects of any of the physical properties, only the specific drug or vitamin components.

2. You need the diazepam because of a disturbance. Think in a new way, the Spooky way, go for the disturbance and not for the diazepam. Once you have addressed and balanced the disturbance there is no need for the diazepam.

3. I have had severe insomnia for years until recently I have been sleeping. I run 2 generators. 1) 3 MW programs: Zolpidem (generic ambien), Quazepam (another sleep aid relaxant), Fexofenadine (generic Allegra). On another generator I run a Preset / Miscellaneous / Remote / Sleep Induction It is definitely helping. I think the Preset may be helping more than MW but not 100% yet.

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