For the sleep and insomnia program running on remote - do I run this 24/7?

I understand why you might think that. There are 2 presets that are really great. The one to induce sleep would be used to run prior to bed and set hours as directed for you. The notes will give you suggestions on that. The other one fir insomnia can be continually run as it appears to reset your sleep pattern. I believe it suggests 11 to 21 days straight. I use both. I can't say I sleep perfectly every night but this is the first time in over a decade I have slept through the entire night. I woke up to the alarm. Wow! What a feeling.

You can choose from 2 that have DB beside them. They work together. One says induce sleep and the other says insomnia. I am unable to get to check the exact but from memory.... I'm close. Since it's a preset it should be easier.

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