How can I add the contents of the Custom file to another computer's Custom file?

1. Copy and paste from one computer to another - although in this case, it would be replace...

You could use a text editor to append the contents of one file to the other...

Don't use Excel, though, as it corrupts the files.

2. A. Copy the file to pendrive and remame as custom1.csv
B. On another pc.. paste this pendrive file in folder where spooky is installed.
C. Open spooky and select this custom1.csv file to load from here.

After loading custom1.csv in another pc..
1. Mouse Right click on custom1.csv.
2. Open in note pad.
3. Select the portion to be copied.
4. Same way open another custom.csv in note pad.
5. Scroll till end and paste the copied portion.
6. Enter one blank line just by presding Enter.
7. Save As.. .csv file... and exit.

For more details, please check the link:

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