Has anyone treated horse by remote? There is inflammation in his knee joint because of too much excising. Which programs to use besides inflammation? From which part to get its DNA?

1. Yes, there have been people using Spooky for animals... Search for horse to see what posts return for you to read.

Most describe using a small piece of hoof or nail from the animal, then running Programs based on symptoms, or cause of issue, etc., from the Programs list...
There is also a Non-human database that can be added to find diseases specific to plants and animals that may help.

2. The easiest way to treat a horse is by remote. You can ask your farrier or hoof trimmer for a thin slice of hoof (or get it yourself) as DNA sample. There are many programs that you can run for an injured knee. I would run Accelerate Injury Healing, Joint Inflammation, Joint Pain Basic, Arnica, etc. There are many more programs that you can run. I usually start with a few programs such as the ones above and run them for a few days. If I see improvement, I stick with them. If there is no improvement, there are many other programs that you can run. Sometimes you don't know for sure what is exactly what is wrong in the joint, could be cartilage, tendon, bone, etc, so you have to try different things. If you have plasma and your horse can stand it, I would try that too, because it works much faster.

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