How does one choose from the different programs, such as Cataract 1, General Cataract, etc? How does one know what is better to select? How does one know how often to run these programs and how does one know when to stop?

1. You haven't said which transmission mode you're using - plasma, contact, or remote. In general, the best way to proceed is to try each program by itself for 3-4 days non-stop in Remote Mode, or once daily in Contact or Plasma Modes for three days. If you see no improvement, move on to the next one. Stop when you're happy that the condition is resolved.

2. My approach would be to load all those programs into a bio-scan. Scan them to the top 20, then run another scan bring it down to the top 10. Run it the way David says above and re scan every 3-4 days. I use this on all situations I want to correct, it zeros in on the frequencies I want to eliminate.

3. Since we live in a toxic world today, I personally run a detox preset non-stop on one generator permanently and treat myself with a Spooky Central while I'm sleeping. In general though, you should always detox contemporaneously when you're killing pathogens or parasites. However, cataracts are not pathogenic in origin, so detoxing is not necessary. But it's always a good idea anyway, unless you have more pressing needs for that generator. X-rays are associated with cataracts as well as microwave radiation. Cigarette smoking is also a known cause. Ensure that you get adequate vitamin C since low levels can cause this problem, too.

4. Personally, I would use a dwell of 1 rather than .33. We believe that doing this is more effective unless you run short programs for the same amount of time that a dwell of 1 would take. For a non-pathogenic condition like cataracts, it's not necessary to run non-stop. I would continue until the soreness appeared, take a break of a few hours until it goes, then restart. You'll know when your husband's eyes start to hurt again when he's had enough for the day. Contact Mode for the head is best done with TENS pads applied to the top of each shoulder at the base of the neck. However, I would use Remote Mode as the mainstay of the treatment.

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