I started running a shell preset program last night on remote for my dental/jaw problems. I am experiencing a lot of pain today in my jaw and teeth. Could this be as a result of the treatment program?

1. Yes. Pain is one symptom of Rife activity. It is hard to say whether it is angry pathogens or waste from dead pathogens causing the pain, but it is likely one or the other.

2. Yes, Lysa Kelly for some reason I experienced the same thing (yesterday) . For some reason had 10/10 jawbone/facial pain out of the blue, was very bizarre. Yes I agree with Joe ie above .... though not sure what activity it is from... mmm...anyway there are 588 pain frequencies to choose from ... My pain went from 10 to 0 in under an hour running pain frequencies... like the pain disappeared ... before Spooky2 pain would go on for weeks... non stop... I have neuropathic pain from CRPS so may be from that...yes I used to run to ER for help... now I run to my Spooky2. Note: I found frequency "exposed dental nerve" also very helpful to rife/plasma.

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