Do we run the risk of becoming too dependent on spooky2 unit for our health?

1. I guess this depends on whether you have chronic needs that are made better by constant use... For instance, if it feels better to have a generator running a program to reduce pain, is it better to run a frequency to help nerves or drugs to numb the body?
Again, anyone is free (at this point) to use this equipment as much or little as they wish.

I would rather be dependent on something that helps something specific without damaging other parts or has negative side-effects when I have a chronic need.

2. Rife machines like spooky2 show us just how unhealthy we actually are - and we don't realise. It's incredible the amount of viruses, parasites, chemicals, toxins from vaccines, x-rays, medicines, and dentistry - and pathogens we pick up. So, when these are eliminated, you can let the immune system do its work. But modern life is toxic, so we may never completely eliminate all toxins. At 70 I now have an incredible amount of energy - thanks to spooky detoxing - but I see spooky as long term, very beneficial partner.

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