Has anyone successfully used Spooky to chelate mercury for neurological disorders without the addition of oral chelators or supplements?

1. Spooky2 does detox and it has a detox specifically for metal. But I do not know about "chelating". You must take the required amount of water, lemon water to hydrate your body so it does not redistribute. I also take activated charcoal and homeopathic detox drops. Some use chlorella, cilantro and other things to assist the detoxing. You have to find what will work best for you and your body's needs.

As one's body is brought back into balance, many speak how their allergies are disappearing and food intolerance too including gluten.

Newton Homeopathic Detox Drops. Not sure if they are only sold locally but I think they help. I think each person will respond individualistic. I react but much less reaction occurs with Rifing than other protocols. Have heard this many times from other people as well. But that does not mean you will not react. After all you are dealing with mercury. May be a booger bear to remove but afterwards you will be so much better.

2. I did the metal detox without taking anything else, only plenty of water and making myself sweat. At first I felt lots of pains and weird symptoms but they subsided with time. When I repeated the frequencies after a while I did not have any strange reactions any more. But I went slowly, only two-three metals at a time.

3. With Rifing, I am not sure you will find absolutes to your questions. Spooky2 as well as all Rifing equipment are experimental. Each person's response is individual. Each one handles detoxing differently. What you can rely on is your gut instinct and listen to what your body is telling you to do.

You may want to rum the terrain protocol first without mercury to be sure spooky2 has opened and cleared your detox pathways. This will give you your best indication of how you respond to Spooky2 detox. Then when ready run the terrain detox as a whole program which inc the mercury (both programs are presets in the software). Then run detox mercury alone to address your concerns of redistribution.

Perhaps if you do terrain less mercury a few time then you will find yourself more tolerant of the binders you are sensitive to.

4. From what I have read and experienced with spooky 2 metal detox is that the frequency of Mercury for an instance is targeting all the Mercury in the body, shaking it (perturbing it) and forcing it to move till it is removed from the organism. Some experiment old user said that 1 day of it would work nicely ,if not , 3 days. I have did this heavy metal detox (not just Mercury) some times and the last one 2 weeks ago, I've run it for 1 week straight with organs detox sets on another generator and I felt no problem at all. In theory, as we don't have scientific studies on this effect with spooky2, running specific detox sets for any heavy metal could be the easiest and best heavy metal detox that there is in my opinion, targeting all particles at same time. And being fast. People reporting herx on this is a great sign of possible being working. I can't affirm it 100% but make totals sense that it works well and users experience also says that.

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