Does anybody knows to which settings I have to tune the 3 potentiometers when I use the Plant growth preset and Spooky radionics?

1. My understanding is that you need to place a leaf sample in a small brown bottle and put the cap on. Place the bottle on the input plate. Set all dials to zero, adjust the left most dial until you find your finger sticking on the output plate. Repeat tuning process with the middle dial and finally the last dial.

Once you have tuned into the witness sample, place it on the output plate.

Now you can run your plant growth preset.

2. In the downloadable Radionics manual, there are instructions for how to use the "Seed Imprinting" feature on page 36.

Be sure and read how to use the "getting started" on page 9, as this shows how to use the Spooky2 Radionics presets, in addition to adding Radionics codes and Spooky2 frequencies.

It is a very simple process. just takes some time to read and learn. all the radionics codes are downloadable too through SP2 downloads.

For more details, please check the link:

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