We have a user on rife 4 lyme wanting to know your results of using the spooky2 foot bath. If it is a viable way to bring relief and help and overall wellness. Is it ionic or just a powerful way to receive frequencies?

1. I do not have the feedback, but I can comment a bit on the ionic aspect. Ionic foot baths induce electrolysis of the water. In this process there are five influencing factors: power level, water type, metal plate alloy content, salt type/additives, and the epidermis of the foot. It concentrates less on frequencies and more on the electrical flow to create ionization. The goal is to attempt and raise the pH of the water from an acidic state to a more alkaline state. The epidermis of the foot excretes many organic materials. This occurs whether in a foot bath or not. When the foot’s epidermis is in contact with a soluble liquid such as water these excreted materials become soluble themselves and float off into the water. The skin can contain attachments of soaps, creams, and other products introduced to the epidermis by the person. Any naturally released germs, bacteria, funguses, etc., also become soluble. The heightened alkalinity of the foot bath interacts with the newly soluble items which carry an acidic tendency and neutralizes them in the bath. More than likely, if setup correctly, you can achieve both with Spooky2. According to Bohr’s theory at least 13.5 Volts of energy is required to free the electron from its ground state, therefore creating true ionization. We typically use 20v with a boost for contact session, which provides +-20v. The cool part is you can also choose what frequency to run the voltage at, imparting the Rife component. So you gain the benefit of both modalities.

2. I did it twice, spooky foot bath preset. No colors in water, but indeed I feet clearer head and positive sensations after it. Nothing amazing, but solid enough.

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