How long is the lyme program with the tens pads?

1. Look at the Morgellons and Lyme Protocol Guide for either the Contact Plus 4 or Contact Plus 2 table, whichever you are going to use and add up the times. This will be the time for a single pass, without any rest for possible herx.


2. I believe what I did lasted 58 days so of course, I used remote. It was in the 2016 UG. No regrets. Some people choose to do protocol this as it crosses many lines whether they have Lyme or not. We do not claim or use the word cure per FDA guidelines.

3. The MLv3 is the preset in the software. Someone calculated it and said it runs 1.5 years. But for 10s pad specific and only tens, you can calculate it from the .pdf where the MLv3 is located. The "Lyme" protocol is on the blog site. It dates way back and has been improved into MLv1, MLv2 -the 58 day on 2 gens on which is located in our files section and the latest greatest MLv3. So when you say Lyme programme, I wonder which one.  Presets are on the preset tab. Programs are frequency sets in the database found in the Program tab. The MLv3 is not intended to be run contact only. But you can do it just as long as you know that you likely will not get the same results as those running it as it is designed with plasma and contacts overnight and remotes during the days well as bioscans every 3-5 days.

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