I am trying to do a converge sweep to kill mites. I want to use one remote with my nails and one remote with supposed mites samples. Support told me that I had to use 1 BNC cable for out 1 and another for out 2.

1. So you want to do a Converge sweep. I assume you are wanting to do this via Remote mode, as it is the only mode it works with.

2. You know there is a Preset for the Converge Sweep? You can use the Boost with one BN Remote to do this as well.


3. So in a nutshell. If you put both remotes into the boost v3.0, the power will be split between them. Here's the problem. There is just enough power to drive one remote using the spectrum sweeps. What the boost is doing is combining two very different sweeps from each output into one remote. What support has told you is the equivalent, where you wire up a remote to each output (useful for those who do not have a boost). The combination of both sweeps happens at the cell level in this case. However, if you have your DNA in one remote, and the mites in the other remote, then sweep 1 goes to you, and sweep 2 goes to the mites. To be clear, when you had both remotes plugged into the MN and BN ports, both sweeps were going to both remotes, and thus to both you and the mites, but the power was cut in half which in this case probably destroyed any chance at efficacy. The sweeps are producing 192 frequencies all at one time. We are using a wave cycle multiplier of 96. Each wave cycle produces two frequencies, one above and one below. So the total power of 20v is being shared between 96 components. 20v / 96 = 0.20833 volts per frequency. With your setup, not only are you reducing this further to 0.104166 volts, but you have two opposing magnetically biases remotes working as one. Not recommended. To do a spectrum sweep on both you and the mites requires two generators or you must place both your DNA and the mites together into one remote on one generator using a boost. The alternative is to place your DNA and the mite DNA into two remotes wired directly to each output. The alternative is not recommended however as you are combining human and non-human DNA in a single remote.

4. I see in your followup comment that you changed the wave cycle multiplier to 32; however, you did not recalculate the sweep parameters to adjust for having only 64 frequencies generated at once. Granted the voltage was better, but there would be gaps in the sweep. There is an very large section in the user guide that describes the math involved. The alternative is to create your own sweep using the built in calculator in the software.

5. The correct and easiest way to do what you want is to use a white Remote only, connected to the BN output of the Boost, then insert both sample tapes. Support gave you the original way to do this, using two Remotes. You shouldn't use two Remotes with a Boost because the two outputs are polarity-reversed, so they will cancel each other's signal.

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