For black remotes can the same person use it another three days straight with a different frequency set?

1. This really is somewhat a case by case basis. The idea is that if you can not resolve an issue within 3 days with a black (MN) remote, then switch to the white (BN) remote or just start with the white (BN) remote to start with. It is not just about whether the individual will have an adverse malaise reaction to the positive magnetic bias of the black (MN) remote, but the energies of positive magnetics have shown to possibly strengthen and feed pathogens. So even if you say stopped after 3 days, and then started back up, all you may be doing is providing a break and then food for those pathogens that did not die in the first 3 days, to grow even stronger. All the while you are subjecting yourself to magnetic bias that is associated as being antagonizing to healthy life processes. So the black (MN) remote acts like a double edge sword. The initial application is harsher and thus may work quicker than the white (BN) remote, but then for those pathogens that survive, ends up making them stronger. When the v1.1 remotes were first made, it took a while to understand the implications of each magnetic polarity bias. Data from magnetic therapy had to be considered, and over time we also saw how they responded in the field. Generally speaking, the black (MN) remote should be reserved for special use cases. The white (BN) remote is just as capable of killing modalities without any of the risk factors mentioned above.

2. But do not throw out a black MN remote because you can make it a white BN remote should you ever need an extra white one. Instructions to flip the magnet is on the support site.

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