Is there a spooky program to protect us or reduce the effects of the radioactive product?

1. SSKI (super saturated potassium iodide solution) its the remedy for radioactive iodine.

2. Vitamin C and E on mega doses. I believe this has been tested already. I may be missing some other Minerals.

3. Make sure you also detox extra fluoride, bromine (there is freq for this in Newport presets, at least for some forms of bromine) and (limit) chlorine (water filter is a must). Sometimes iodine deficiency is not because our food does not contain enough iodine, but because we have too much of the other 3 halogens, and they all compete for the same receptors and as a result inhibit the uptake of the iodine.

4. The Thyroid is where iodide is processed. Unfortunate that you have an adverse reaction.

Iodide only works to prevent radiation from radioactive iodide isotopes. The reason that this type of radiation causes so much damage is that the Thyroid absorbs iodide and iodine. When a radioactive particle of iodine tries to pass through the body, instead of competing the journey, it gets lodged in the Thyroid and from there nukes the body.

By taking enough iodide in advance, you leave no room for this radioactive isotope to get lodged in the Thyroid and thus you minimize exposure.

While this radioactive isotope is very common in radioactive fallout situations, this technique does nothing to stave off other sources of radiation.

I'm not sure how the frequency of say iodide will work to simulate the same effect.

Just food for thought.

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