Looking for names of parasites that can affect eye sight so I can cross check it on my biofeedback. Any ideas?

1. Search eye in the programs and look through the results in the Notes section to see what help it is.

2. Loa loa is a filarial nematode that affects the eyes. Transmitted by deer flies, if I remember correctly. It's been a long time since I had parasitology!

3. I had undiagnosed Ascaris for numerous years - it badly affected my eyesight (and much more!) The eyes are linked to the liver, and there maybe river flukes and other liver parasites involved. The Detox program has a liver and parasites treatment (Parasites and liver function).

4. Toxocariasis/Toxoplasmosis

5. Blepharitis not sure if it's a parasite but it affect eyes

6. Intetedting ive been running liver frequencies and liver detox and my vision is good today. I was seeing double.

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