If anyone else has had a pet reaction to the Terrain/detox frequencies and exactly how should I describe what happened to the vet if she is not knowledgable?

1. I would probably run Liver / Kidney support programs (via remote) for the dog non-stop until it is better. Also, make sure the dog is getting plenty of fluid intake.

2. My cat tens to sit closer to the tube when I run the plasma sessions. So far she has not had any adverse reactions and seems to benefit from the energy. Your dog may be detoxing or could be a coincidentally timed illness. I agree with Joe, that in either case, hydration would be key. I would just let the vet diagnose your dog without any unnecessary details to cloud their analysis.

3. I'd add DT to her food. You may have shaken lose parasites.

4. That happened to me. Not as bad, he was just lethargic. So now I use toenails instead of fingernails. I figure all of us with pets have their DNA under our fingernails.

5. I have run plasma on multiple dogs for various reasons with positive results. I usually run terrain on remote on the dogs 2-3x a year. Afterwards, they gain 2-5 years to their personality and playfulness because of better health. It works! 

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