On my 20th pathogen that came up from the bioscan, it said that I have Morgellons, Nancy's DB. Since it is weak, should I select that frequency that shows up or do the full Morgellons program?

1. Since we are not doctors here on authorized to treat are prescribed or unable to detail in the exact program. However, I can tell you that I ran the full Morgellons protocol even though I do not have Morgellons and was very satisfied with the results. It goes top to bottom clean out for anyone and it really does help again whether you do or don't have morgellons.

2. This program was dowsed for me (DB = David Bourke). If you saw this in a Reverse Lookup, I wouldn't worry about it. Just run your results program and forget about looking up your frequencies. To understand why I say this, see the section on Reverse Lookup in the User's Guide. If you don't have Morgellons symptoms, you don't have Morgellons.

3. Chem trails effect everyone's air. If you breath you are breathing in nanoparticles, aluminun, barium, various special combination of bacteria, and the list goes on. So we might all have shades of M&L.

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