I have started using an earthing mat during my sessions. I rest my bare feet on the pad. I hope this will not negatively affect my treatment session? I would welcome an expert opinion please if possible.

1. I have earthing equipment upstairs and downstairs and sleep on an earthing sheet. but I don't do Spooky contact. I don't think it affects anything negatively but I'm sure others will contribute here soon.

2. I made my own grounding pad and sheet and have also used it simultaneously with spooky2 for months but only via remote. Grounding is different and I do believe doing both is ok.

3. I used an earthing sheet in contact mode. It was shocking! I only use it in remote mode now.

4. Would not use earthing with contact. It may provide multiple paths for the current, as the pad will be conductive, so will likely take away from the contact as the current always seeks the lowest resistance path, it will use the mat rather than the body, when possible.

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