If I want to run the remote cancer preset (R06 Cancer A) on remote, am I OK using this setting without telling the program my cancer type? Do I have to remove the Remote when using tens pads?

1. Correct. Remote only uses the results of the 2 scans. Yes, should remove the remote from the generator during Contact session to make sure that the full amplitude is applied to the contact points. All of the outputs BN, MN, CS, and High Power Contact are all connected together, so power used by one takes away from the other(s). Should only have devices on 1 port at a time.

2. Per the Cancer Guide, I believe it says to do 1 Contact session per day and use the Remote the rest of the time? If so, then the remote would be used most of the time, correct? Your scans tell the software what to treat - in addition to the general programs that are treated for all during remote. The Contact session has the additional program for your specific cancer, but I think this would make the remote single-pass time too long, and therefore, less effective.

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