I've been running the Terrain/Detox. This morning it wasn't up. It's like the whole thing disappeared and the generator also is off. No idea what happened was on about day 7 or 8, what do I do to get this back?

1. I assume that the generator was still powered On, just the outputs were Off? This sounds like the computer did an auto-restart and closed everything first. When the software closes, it stops the generators. If the power to the generator was Off, then seems like someone shut it down and powered it off. To get it back, refer back to the discussion we had about how to restart the Terrain at a specific session and start it at Preset Number 8 to make sure to redo Day 7. Here is the picture again, to show where to put the 8 in the Preset Number to start it there.

2. I would definitely try to find out why it restarted - as that seems obvious that it did - and see what I could do to stop it from doing it again. Yes, it is good to keep a log of progress, what was run, what symptoms or results, how you feel, etc. This is to maintain a history of where you've been and what is left to do as much as anything, but it does make recovering from these unexpected interruptions a bit easier.

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