Is it possible to load molecular weight vitamins and minerals in a generator and then grade them to see which are needed?

1. You can grade them, but you will be hard pressed to determine if they are needed or not. All you will find is which ones the body responded to better than another. There is no response point that we can consider the baseline to say this is needed and this is not. The results will just be ordered in relevance to how you responded. This is a common misconception about biofeedback scans. With that said, you can use any standard statistical analysis method to group and sort the results. Let me give you an example: If I grade 5 vitamins, I may find that 3 responded much better than the other 2. So I will know at the very least that 3 of the vitamins had a larger impact on my system whether they are needed or not. With only 5 vitamins, it probably would be better to just run all 5 and let the body take what is needed rather than select to only run the top 3. However, if I have 100 vitamins, then grading becomes useful. I know that 80 frequencies at 3 minutes each is a 4 hour program, so I can't use all 100 in a remote loop effectively. I could then elect to take the top 80 and keep within the 4 hour limit. However, when I grade the 100, I find that 25 frequencies all had a high response, and then the other 75 were significantly lower in response. I may then choose to just take those 25 that ranked much higher and run those. This is a form of statistical trimming.

2. Just thought of one additional factor to consider. With biofeedback, a rise in heart rate is associated with a stress event. Usually this is for a pathogenic response. A lowering of the heart rate, or a calming event, is associated with frequencies that help restore health. When scanning using the BPM setting, we can isolate to max bpm (find pathogenic factors), or min bpm (find healing factors). Vitamins would be considered an entrainment or healing type modality. So to grade these you will want to scan for min BPM and the more the heart rate lowered, the larger the response. If you scanned using max BPM, then the results would be skewed. The alternative is to use the max HRV settings which is an absolute function -- meaning it just looks at how high or low the response was.

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