Besides running the inflammation programs and acidosis, are there any other programs that would address lots of inflammation and acidity?

1. The problem with what is said is - we don't know where the inflammation is. Finding the source of the inflammation in your lifestyle would be best to work from a preventive perspective.

2. It is always mentioned that consideration be given to a clean diet that reduces inflammation. 

3. I would also add, that I have live blood scans done each week and our blood changes so quickly. For example two weeks ago we saw very little inflammation in my blood. Last week was a little more, this week was a lot more. Next week there could be none. Healing is done in layers, and the more you uncover, the more healing will need to take place. I have found just running the M&L protocol will take care of whatever I am dealing with on it's own without adding any additional programs. (Except the herx helper and ammonia removal when things got really tough.) Give your body time to heal each layer.

4. I found a good recipe for inflammation, as well as, other ailments such as cancer, arthritis, etc. I chose the oil fat recipe:

5. We drink homemade tumeric tea everyday. We add lemon and grated ginger as well as the necessary coconut oil and black pepper. A couple of drops of stevia for sweetening, if needed.

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