When I'm running the detox on myself, can I also run in on my tiny dog (with a portion of one of her toenails) or might it be too strong?

1. I keep my dogs separate on their own remote. Have 3 dedicated generators presently running on the dogs. There is possibility of transference from one DNA to another according to studies. Jeff did a study and write up about a few months back. I only rife with my husband. But I do know someone who runs human and pets together with no negative effect.

2. You can run it on her if you monitor her closely to make sure she doesn't herx too much. It is recommended keep animal and human DNA in a separate remotes due to possible unknown side-effects. We don't know everything there is to know about quantum entanglement.

3. I don't remember why this precaution, as I don't have pets at this time to be concerned about. It probably has to do more with other pathogens crossing over to human, but I don't know for sure. Thanks for the well wishes. I plan to be able to help myself greatly with my new "toys"! Fortunately, my wife is allowing me to "play" a bit here.

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