If range of remote is infinite then remote option can kill for example fleas and thick all around earth. Am I correct?

1. What isn't universal is the DNA. All ticks in the world are not going to have the same DNA, nor are all of them going to have the same digestive bacteria. The reason that we can affect an entire "family" of ticks in our localized area (house or yard) is that we kill one or several, and place them in a remote, and the signal then targets all DNA within the remote - including the bacteria in their digestive system. This will be different for animals with different food sources, different climates, etc.

2. I was also puzzled by this, the answer that satisfied me is that the Dna of identical flea species is I think not identical. Most of it is, but within the millions of different combinations there are a few that are unique to an individual and the offspring of that individual. The reason that I think this is supported by the case of human identical twins:

3. I'll give it my best shot based on my current understanding as the QE aspect of remote mode is not 100% fully understood.

1) The remote generates a scalar wave, which via QE, is linked by the DNA sample to the rest of the target. Scalar waves by nature, do not have direction, only containing the essence/information of the original frequency, amplitude, and waveform used to create the scalar wave.

The cells of the target, do not respond the same as when targeted directly by electrical application or by plasma excitement. Instead, the information of the end result is conveyed to the cells. Think of it like downloading the digital data of a CD directly to the cells vs. taking the time to play and listen to the songs.

Consequently, it is my opinion that we are affecting a new reality by overlaying this information on to the cells of the target. The end result that would be realized by "playing the CD" is still realized, and those pathogens that exist in proximity or inside the cells of the target are also affected by propagation of this information.

In the QE experiments, when an pair of entangled atoms are monitored, a change to one registers an instant change to the other. The mechanism that was used to alter the first atom does not need to exist at the second atom, yet the state change is clearly observable.

Since DNA is very specific, only the cells with the matching DNA will be effected. Transplanted organs will not be targeted directly, but are affected by proximity to the cells that are.

2) When we target a pathogen directly, only the pathogens that are genetically related will be affected. Since mutations happen quite easily, they have their own unique DNA in a sense. Thus, targeting mold in my house does not result in targeting mold of even that same sub-species everywhere. There is a good chance even, that the sample I am using in a remote will not affect all the mold in my house. If the sample I am using does not contain enough material to capture a sample of every type of mold, then it will miss. This can be alleviated by taking fresh samples regularly. This is also another reason why Plasma is much more efficacious at removing mold as the energy is not discriminate and will resonate all mold within range. This also applies to targeting pests. One can not control a pest infestation on the outside of the home easily as there will be too many possible families of pests to target. However, usually within a home, there usually is just the one or two families to deal with. While I'm still a big proponent from observation that the DNA used in a remote is very specific and family members are not affected by shared DNA, here in lies my current opinion of what is taking place. Complex large cell organisms are not easily devitalized by frequencies, especially at the level of power we are using. To think one can kill say fleas with Rife directly is a misnomer. What I believe is happening is that the microbiome that would be the same for a family of pests is being targeted and it is via the killing off of the microbiome of the pests that we indirectly cause their demise. This would also explain why one flea can be used to target a family of fleas, yet not all fleas -- while maintaining that DNA samples are specific between the sample and target. The QE link that is significant is happening not at the larger organism's DNA, but the microbiome level. 3. A frequency will do work where it resonates. Regardless of how you target, if the information of that frequency is conveyed and resonates, a result will be realized. So it doesn't matter much if you target mold in your body by using your DNA or a sample of the mold, the frequency used will only resonate with the mold (provided you have the correct frequency) and will not alter or engage your cells directly. I do agree that if you are targeting directly, and the act of treating the sample also devitalizes and destroys the sample, that it will loose the QE link. Therefore, I would recommend replacing the sample more frequently when using a source that is prone to devitalization.

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