I am running my Spooky2 Central for the first time using the plasma tube. When I choose the program, is it the same program for the contact and the tube?

1. Any preset that has "(P)" at the end of its name is for use with Spooky Central, and it programmes all settings and loads the programs for you. All you have to do is click Start. To roll your own, just load the Spooky Central General preset first. Click Shell (Empty) Presets, then Plasma, then select the preset. Now go to Programs and take your pick. Spooky Central doesn't deliver any frequencies to its Contact Mode or PEMF Coil. The signal is a 100,000Hz square wave which produces fountains of harmonics when it's driven. These kill things. The program frequencies are reserved for much more sophisticated computer-controlled technologies - plasma and ultrasonic. PEMF is excellent for localised problems because its best field of effect is fairly small. Plasma and ultrasonic together fill the body with frequencies. When you add Contact Mode to this, the machine is extremely efficient and effective when your diagnosis and frequencies are correct.

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