After 40 hours all I had was large visible particles grayish colour, colour of colloidal silver didn't turn yellow. Second I was stirring the water every now, the current may have been too high and hence the large particles.

I am using a thin silver wire from Sota, and when I connected it to my Spooky 2 booster colloidal silver outlet, with no other modification, I get a good solution, with a very slight yellowish tinge, but with a good clear beam of light on laser. And only some precipitates, easily removed with filter.

In my first brew, I did not get even a slight beam on laser even after days, and when I tried to extend the brewing for days, many precipitates develop. My wrong is that I tried to put another resistor to the connection, to maintain a current of not higher than 0.1 microamp. Because I read somewhere here that "the slower the better". Too slow a current for too long seems not to be good after all, taking into account the gauze, and length of wire in the solution, and maybe the purity of the water also. So, I have to throw the solution away, and start another one.

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