Having been diagnosed recently with myasthenia gravis. I was wondering which system model would be recommended. Would I need more than one generator for this condition?

1. If there is any way possible to afford more, I would never start with a single generator. They are just too useful and helpful.

From a quick read about MG, it seems like this disease is typically an autoimmune type disease. As such, it is rather important to assist the body with cleaning toxins as there are toxins from normal life and also from any the autoimmune generates.
This can easily keep one generator busy all of the time.

A second generator could run programs specific to the MG to attempt to alleviate it.
It could also run Normalize or Balance programs to help bring the body back to normal or balanced function.

2. My suggestion: Read about Vitamin D. As suggested by Cicero Galli coimbra. Or auto hemotherapy.

3. Have you run Terrain protocol on Remote yet? 
I recommend taking activated charcoal when detoxing heavy metals and chemicals. After terrain protocol done, take essential minerals supplement. 

After running the Terrain protocol, then, run Myasthenia Gravis (KHZ) in continuous cycle on Remote for several weeks or more and see how that goes.

For more details, please check the link:

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