If a person is house bound and there is a choice between the 2 options below, which will provide the most robust cancer treatment:1) Using Spooky2 BN Remote? 2) Using Far Field Plasma?

When one is unable to use the near field of the Plasma output, it is probably best to remain within 10 feet or less. While I have seen evidence that some efficacy will be realized at 25 feet, I do not feel it it enough to deal with chronic issues. I have within my household a member that is nearly always outside of a 25 foot radius of the field and does not exhibit the same level of efficacy as those of us that do sit within the 10 foot radius. In addition, when he was sick, his symptoms were not really improved until he feel asleep 15 feet away from the tube at which time his condition improved immediately.

With that said, there is a difference between the remote application of frequencies via the remote and those from the scalar field generated by the plasma field. The biggest difference is that you get repeats from the remote, and with the plasma you get one application. However, when using the remote aspect of a plasma field, you can transmit the frequency spread that is generated by the modulation aspect that is used in the overnight sweeps.

I do not have enough data to determine the difference in efficacy rate between the two, as I have limited test cases where someone is only exposed to the remote aspect of the plasma tube.

With all of the above to consider, personally I would use both if I had the generators to do so.

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