Can anyone suggest a good program for gaba and serotonin increase?

1. If you have spooky radionic device. rates for same can be used effectively. for direct broadcast or for remedy making or both.

2. I have experienced molecular weight frequency for serotonin few times, I would advise to test it carefully and in short time like 15 minutes and feel what happens, serotonin is involved in many functions so go ease. I have used my self for some longer period and few times good few times not, try JW remote MW preset for it and I do believe Radionics can work better and are safer, as MW are very experimental yet. When I mean better, I mean with emotional, mind problems. But I had great results with others healing sets for emotional/psychological problems, like Chakras, Schumman resonance, and others mind sets from spooky2 database, type mind on search tab and see what u can use in spooky2 software. 

3.Seroton search results pictured without MW database selected. With MW selected there were 208 results. I presume the majority were drugs that affect the serotonin levels in some manner, etc.:

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