I get a message "unable to save BP or MW database entries everytime I try to make a list of vitamins and minerals.

1. The BP and MW entries are calculated frequencies and are restricted from export.

You can still save a preset with those entries however. Ensure you are saving on the Preset Tab and not trying to export using the Programs tab.

You don't have to make a wave yourself. You can use any preset with a MW or BP frequency program as they are just frequencies. This includes the Healing and Killing - JW presets.

There is a save button on the Programs tab that combines all selected frequencies into one frequency program. This is the only area that the error message you get is given.

Thus my comment above.

This save button is not the same as saving a preset.

2. You can start with the Preset, which has no programs added, add your program in the Programs tab, then go back to the Presets tab and save it with a different name...

You don't have to set up all of the settings yourself.

For more details, please check the link:

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