I want to run the Rifaximin antibiotic program, do I run it in a healing or killing preset?

1. The MW preset was removed as the experimental method appears to be under review.

MW entries are just frequencies in the end.

For a substance, use the Healing (x) - JW preset to apply since a substance is essentially an entrainment frequency.

The frequency is what does the work. Settings only add or detract.

So even if you used it in the killing preset, this would not make it kill if it was designed to entrain or represent the energetics of a substance so that the body responds as if the substance was really there.

The primary difference between the healing and killing preset is the waveform. One produces odd harmonics (square wave), the other odd and even (inverted sawtooth).

Without getting into all the ramifications of harmonics, another good preset to try it in is the Golden Ratio preset which uses a sine wave (no harmonics) and uses one additional frequency with the fundamental to deliver the MW.

Suggest you try a preset for a week and record observations. Try another for a week and compare notes. In the end stick to what worked best for you.

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