Why does my Spooky2 Cold Laser not light?

Just to be sure, are you using the following preset?

\Shell (Empty) Presets\Spooky Cold Laser - JW

Then, you would load your frequency program into this shell preset and you also will need to have plugged the cold laser into Out 1 directly.

The laser will not work unless it is driven with a negative offset or plugged into a boosted port -- the CS or High Power Port of a boost.

The preset above ensures the correct settings to drive the laser.

If you have done the above, then something else is going on and will require additional troubleshooting.

All 5 lasers will illuminate on the bottom of the wrist band, the side that goes against the body.

Perhaps the frequency program you are using has too high of a frequency range to illuminate the lasers well.

Try this:

Load the preset Spooky Cold Laser - JW
Load the frequency program Liver (XTRA) - this is just frequency 10 Hz which is great for tissue regeneration among other things.

Load this combination to the generator and evaluate the lighting.

If this produces a nice bright glow as expected, then the frequency programs you selected may not be a good candidate for the laser accessory.

Also, just to be safe, please do not look directly at the lasers to verify lighting. Use of the protective eyeglasses provided is highly recommended.

For more details, please check the link:

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