Could I use higher frequencies with Cold Laser since a low pulsing frequency like 0.5 to 1 Hz is more effective?

1. I tend to keep my cold laser to lower frequencies myself. 7.83 Hz and 10 Hz being my favorites. It is important to realize that the major work is done by the laser itself -- the 650 nm light being what imparts restored health. The frequency we use to drive the laser is a additional layer. When we drive the laser at too high of a frequency, the laser output gets dimmer being rapidly turned on and off -- never fully energizing. This is also why the 30 minute exposure time per session is really the maximum efficacy rate for the laser. After this, the 650 nm light no longer imparts additional efficacy for that session, and we only usually run it longer to finish a frequency program that is longer than 30 minutes. There is no harm in running the laser for longer periods of time, just to be clear. Therefore, you have to find a balance between what frequencies you use and how long you use it for.

2. If you search for the frequency, it will show all sets with that frequency. If you can not find a frequency program with the single frequency of choice, you can create one using the File, Create Program option. Just fill in the fields: Description, Notes, etc... and enter the single frequency in the frequency box and save. Default dwell of 180 is probably best, and just run the preset with repeat sequence = 0 and stop manually. Liver (XTRA) is the 10 Hz program and yes, 7.83 Hz is the Schuman Resonance.

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