Is there any evidence for certain rife frequencies to promote unwanted pathogens?

It probably would be good to clarify that not all frequencies used today are in the rf range.

With that said, we seem to understand that very high energy frequencies in the GHz and THz range are damaging. Fortunately, Rife's original frequencies were never above 5 MHz, and most of Dr. Hulda Clarks frequencies are between 76 kHz and 880 kHz which she defined as the range most pathogens live.

The XM generator is not typically used above 25 MHz, and the plasma method of transmission has an upper bandwidth limit of 3.5 MHz for direct frequency generation.

While it is certainly possible that some frequencies may indeed have an unwanted positive effect on a pathogen, I only know of 2 that were reported as being able to excite cancer cells. As to the accuracy of this claim, it is hard to say.

Use of the black (MN) remote for more than 3 days has data behind it to suggest that the positive magnetic bias can feed pathogens if they are not completely destroyed in this time period. This also matches what is reported by those who work in the field of magnetic based therapies.

However, a majority of the frequency programs in the database have been used in the past without evidence to suggest that their frequencies have this effect.

The use of biofeedback to produce a list of frequencies to be used, also in theory, should not result in beneficial frequencies for pathogens. We have also not seen any reports of this happening out in the field.

With careful application and observation, should anything like this happen, it can be caught quickly. The data recorded and shared, can then be tested to see if can be reproduced. If so, then it can be added to our knowledge base.

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