Are there any precautions when using KHZ and MW settings. I noticed in one of the cancer healing sets, they are both included along with extra. I have avoided the KHZ and MW due to Unfamiliarity with them.

Precautions for the KHz programs are that they while they can be used with any Presets, they may have optimum performance by using the settings specified in the Notes - which are duplicated in the HC or KHz Presets. The MW programs are largely frequencies duplicating pharmaceutical or natural substances used in medical treatment, but are very experimental. As with any experiments, use caution and take notes of your progress. These are frequencies just like any other, so usable with settings the user deems appropriate, although since they are replicating substances, should not need fancy waves or any wobble or harmonics, as there will be no pathogen resistance buildup to the frequencies possible.

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